Saturday, March 5, 2011

When the cat's away, what will the mice do?

Do you leave "lesson plans" for your "substitute"?

I was going to be away for a couple of days this week. I left my husband in charge of the kids. I didn't leave instructions for any schoolwork other than a packet full of worksheets intended more to keep them busy on the morning he had to take them to work with him.

I returned from my retreat refreshed and renewed...and completely surprised.
Not only had the kids done very thorough, neat work on the worksheets, he had also taken them through a writer's workshop and part of a mini-unit he found (by himself) at

It was a good reminder that it can be very beneficial for both the kids and me to find someone that loves a particular subject and would be willing to mentor them in that subject. My husband is so good at writing and the kids did a really nice job in their writer's workshop. What a nice surprise.

(The sink was completely empty of dishes, too!)    :)

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  1. Helpful hubbies are great, aren't they? And when they go the extra mile, it's a real gift. Kudos to your hubs. DH does review in math and science with our daughter (seventh grade) and also gets up early so he can do laundry and a little work around the house before he goes to work. He knows it's helpful to me because I'll be doing school with DD. Thanking God for helpful hubbies! ~~Rhonda