Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turn out the lights, the party's over

I've often been one to spend the last couple days of a vacation feeling a little sad to see it go. In my head I know it's silly--I'm still on vacation. Why waste the last moments because you're disappointed that they're over?

I'm trying to have a much better attitude this time around. After a nice week-long spring break it's time to get back to school. None of us are really itching to do it, but we all know it's time. After all, we only have about 40 school days left before a longer summer break.

Here's my plan for a successful first day back, and hopefully then, a great start to the rest of our year:

*Be clear about expecations.
 -I've mentioned the end of break a couple of times so that it wouldn't come as a surprise.
 -We'll talk after dinner tonight about getting back into the swing of things and put it in a positive light.
 -I'll remind the kids where to go tomorrow morning to find their assignments (they'll be taped to the fridge).

*Have something to look forward to.
 -When laying out tomorrow's assignments I've tried to plan a couple less "booky" subjects in addition to their more academic subjects to ease back into schooltime.
 -I'll plan an extra family movie night for something to look forward to. (We usually do movie night on Fridays.) It's a good reminder that we "work while we work so we can also play while we play".

*Be patient, be patient, be patient.
 -I'll remember to do my deep breathing and you remember to do yours. After all, one of our reasons for homeschooling is to develop a strong family relationship. We're in
this together. Time flies. We're going to enjoy each other while we can.

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