Saturday, March 26, 2011

Addition and Subtraction Hands-On

Dd5 has been doing some basic addition and subtraction. She loves doing things that supplement her lessons. We've been...

*...playing store, first with whole dollar amounts, later with coins, too. He would have to add the price for two or three items and give me the correct amount. I would even ask him simple making change questions.

*...making up songs to remember even and odd numbers.

*...playing anything that required two dice that would be added together before moving. I'm pretty sure we made a few file-folder games to practice this, too.

*...playing addition or subtraction war, first with only the numbers 0-5 and later adding the other playing cards.

*...counting cereal pieces at the breakfast table.

*...reading books from the MathStart series by Stuart Murphy.

*...using flashcards. They're easy enough for beginners, tough enough still for ds7 learning multiplication and division. Best of all, it's free.

*...making addition and subtraction riddles for everyday things. For instance, you can choose 3 + 1 books for bedtime reading time.

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