Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marching Forth

It would be very consistent with my perfectionist tendencies to go back and analyze the reasons that I haven't updated my blog since January.

Instead, I'm going to use March 4th (tomorrow) to look to the future. With renewed strength and sanity I'm going to make an effort to be more regular in my posting. I'm reminded that I might actually have a few worthwhile things to write about and share.

I just returned from a 48 hour pastor's wives retreat with three other wonderful people. There was time for fellowship and Bible study, movies and games. Having the chance to share the ups and downs of our lives at present really helped me get perspective. I returned home feeling that I really can make it through to the end of our school year. I also had a sense of peace knowing that whatever does or does not get accomplished this school year is minimal in the eternal scheme of things.

Parenting and homeschooling can be difficult, living in a small town with few opportunities to get together with other homeschoolers. Taking this opportunity was definitely something I would recommend highly. I have a couple more really special people in my life that I'd like to share a smiliar renewing experience with.

Today I'm especially grateful for:

-this time away.
-a welcome-home full of hugs and kisses.
-a clean sink without any dishes from 46 hours ago.
-extraordinary friends and family given to me by God with whom I can share anything.
-the internet, which helps me stay connected with across so many miles.

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