Saturday, March 19, 2011

What to do when a friend moves...

Last week the kids found out that some really good homeschooling friends will be moving to Wyoming. After talking about it together, the kids and I decided we could do a couple things to help us adjust to this exciting time for our friends.

*The library has some good books on Wyoming and the west including books about geography, landmarks, and western history (goodness, pretty much anything cowboy helps, here). There are also some DVDs about the landscape.
*Find the state and capital on the map. Use mapquest to find out how many miles it is from here to their new home. What do you pass on the way? Any Wyoming state study information is good here, too. We sent for a Wyoming visitor's guide.
*Compare the population of your state with Wyoming.
*Music: Look at the words and music of the state song which happens to be titled "Wyoming". All kidding aside, the song speaks of lots more Wyoming tidbits of interest.
*Check the average temperatures and climate for the state.
*What interesting animals would be found in Wyoming that are not native to your state?
*Art: Jackson Pollock was born in Wyoming. Wouldn't it be fun to let out some of our feelings with a Pollock-style work of art?
*Author Patricia MacLachlan was born in Wyoming. Not only did she write many endearing books, many also include aspects of western life that help us learn about places like Wyoming.
*Write a note to give them. Or send it so they have some mail at their new house.
*Use the Cricut to make them a gift. Create cards that the kids of the family can use to send mail to people that are now farther away.
*Pray for their safe travels.


  1. It is hard when kids lose friends due to moving. My family has moved alot due to my husband's job. It is never easy have you asked your friend if they are willing to do flat travelers exchange with your family once they are settled. Your family can send the first box Good Luck