Thursday, September 2, 2010

Supporting the Library

As an educator, I use my own public library several times a week. On an average week my family may have 30-40 books checked out altogether.

I make frequent (that may be an understatement) use of our interlibrary loan program.

My kids attend varied programs at the libraries in our region at no cost, and I get to count them toward our school goals.

Yes, I pay for this through my taxes, but...

I continually ask could I teach successfully without these services? How many books on the ancient Celts does *my own* library have? How many videos on the digestive system does it have? Do I have the skills to put on my own live autoharp and Peruvian flute concert? 

No (especially to that last one).

If I donate just 25 cents per day to my local library I probably won't notice any difference in my wallet. It's also a very hands-on organization that my kids can see value in contributing to. What if I told my kids that they could pick out a movie from the library once a month instead of renting one, giving the extra money as a donation? It could prove to be a worthwhile lesson that benefits both my kids and my library.

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  1. I am an avid user of the library. I belong to our county library and pay $20 to a neighboring county for a two year renewal of my library card. I would be lost without the library. I currently have over 50 but under 100 books checked out from these libraries. I check out everything I can on a subject and then pick and choose the things I think will work for us.
    I never thought of paying back, though we do not rent movies, I am sure I could make it correlate for my kiddos in some way.