Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still Getting Goosebumps

There's a first time for everything.

Experiencing something for the very first time can provoke a very intense reaction. These can be intimidating (think "going to the dentist for the first time"). They can also be magical and powerful.

The other day my apprentices were dutifully completing their lessons. The clouds outside the patio window confessed that a storm was brewing. As the wind decidedly began to pick up I noticed a fascinating sight that I had never seen before.

A swarm of monarch butterflies was taking flight out of the backyard trees. This group of maybe 30 or 40 magnificent little creatures had previously gone unnoticed. But together they became such a sight that we had to immediately drop everything else and take it all in. It took me quite by surprise, and I never even thought to grab the camera.

It was a good reminder that our students are also experiencing things brand new to them. There is an inherent sense of wonder and enthusiasm that accompanies this. These are powerful moments to capitalize on and to enjoy together.

I also think it's valuable that the kids saw my own excitement at experiencing something completely new. They sometimes get the impression that we have a basic grasp on pretty much everything (read "they think we think we know-it-all"). It's good for them to remember that we, too, have many things available to us that we can explore as well.

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