Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spelling and PE 1

Here is an active way to practice spelling words:

Before you play, cut pieces of scrap paper about 3 inches square. You'll need 26 pieces. Write one letter on each square, A-Z. Arrange these letters in order, in a line on the floor. You'll need some space, so clear away any furniture or other obstacles. 

To play, call out one of your weekly spelling words. Your child then hops to each letter of the word calling out the letter as she gets there. Repeat with a new word.

You can change the game by asking her to crawl to the letters, do the crabwalk, walk backwards, etc. The game can also be played outside using sidewalk chalk.

One feature I like about this game is that I can use it for two children at the same time in a relay fashion. (They're glad to get a break between words.)

We've also played it by taping the letters onto the wall (we need to repaint anyway, so I'm not worried about tape marks).

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