Thursday, September 9, 2010

Foreign Language and Life Skills 1

Grocery Hunt

When my kids join me for grocery shopping, I like to keep them busy. I usually give them a list of things to find with the corresponding price to look for (if it's something that was advertised in the flier). The kids look for the items on their lists while we shop together.

In itself, I think this provides great lessons in economics, healthy foods, and financial literacy.

Whenever I write their lists in Spanish, the trip also lends itself to some extra vocabulary review.

I might send them for:

manzana (apple)
uva (grape)
cheese (queso)
pan (bread)

Or I can send them for a certain number of an item:
apples: seis (6)
grapes: more than veinte (20)

If I was at a department store I could even give them a list with words like lapiz (pencil) and quaderno (notebook).


  1. love this idea we are studying spanish via a computer program will have to use this. why didn't I think of it new follower, hope you will consider following me.

  2. I am on mu husbands account and I didn't realize will follow on my account:)