Friday, February 17, 2012

Unit Study Week-Detectives and Mysteries--Wrap Up

We've had such a great time learning about detectives this week! I've learned quite a bit, too. (See other posts from this week below).

Since detective week was coming to a close I asked the kids which activities off the list they wanted to make sure they got to try. We did most of them yesterday. 

They wanted to make sure they:

1. Experienced the jigsaw method of glass fragment re-creation. We turned puzzles over and completed them only by shape--not picture. (Idea from Detective Science book below)

2. Solve Morse Code puzzles here at the National Security Administration website.

3. Play Clue board games.

4. Solve codes by reading the indented paper left behind on a notepad.

Things we'll probably try yet:

-writing our own mysteries
-reading more mysteries
-household photo I Spy which helps train the eyes to see details
-analyzing dirt samples

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