Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unit Study Week-Detectives and Mysteries--Day 2

We spent part of today enjoying each other's Valentine's Day company. We also continued our discoveries about detectives.

1. We did the detective graduated book from homeschool share.

2. We continued reading mystery books.

3. We read a non-fiction book about the job of a real police detective.

4. We did a few more activities from the Detective Science book below. We looked at how different witnesses can give different perspectives of the same event. We also took our lip-prints and learned how they've been used to solve real cases (who knew)! We took our fingerprints and studied them to see what shapes they were. The detectives-in-training also tailed me during lunch to see if I was doing anything suspicious. (I, of course, did, since I was being "secretly" tailed.)

5. My sleuths also practiced their cryptanalysis (code-breaking) skills--I used several different types of codes to write clues to the location of their Valentines.

6. Some of today's new vocabulary: surveillance, stakeout, tail, impartial, contact-trace theory, cheiloscopy.

Ds8 said that his favorite part of the day was tailing me. Dd6 said that she liked so many of them it was hard to choose.

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