Friday, December 3, 2010

Finding The Perfect Christmas Gifts from the Heart

I wanted to share a really exciting thing that happened to us today.  

I had one more person (aside from the kids) to buy a Christmas gift for. It was someone who pretty much has everything they need. But the person means a lot to us and we wanted to give something useful and thoughtful.

Our literature readings today were about giving gifts from the heart. One story told of a person who had only 60 cents to spend on each of his remaining gifts. One has to get pretty creative to accomplish that. But the gifts that were given ended up being very meaningful--a bundle of sticks with a note saying "Let's always stick together" and a candle with a note saying "You're the light of my life".

My son thought this was absolutely great and proceeded to give his visiting grandmother a roll of tape with a note saying "Let's always stick together". My mind was aflutter with ideas for this last Christmas present I had to buy. Most of the gifts we came up with are quite small, but the notes serve the purpose of sharing things I might not otherwise take the opportunity to say.

 Here's part of my list. I hope you can use this idea for someone special to you as well. My kids enjoyed helping come up with ideas. Feel free to share your ideas, too!

1. (lightbulb) You brighten my life.
2. (pad and pencil) You're all "write".
3. (mints) You're a breath of fresh air.
4. (toothpicks) I'll always pick you.
5. (can of mandarin oranges) Orange you glad we're related?
6. (anything sugary) Taking walks with you is so sweet.
7. (a homemade CD of the kids talking, singing...) We wanted you to CD best of our kids. (This is a far-away relative!)
8. (pen) You're indis pen sible.
9. (coffee creamer) You're the cream of the crop.
10. (wooden spoon) You stir up warm feelings of times spent together.
11. (Teddy Grahams) We wish you a beary Merry Christmas.
12. (roll of toilet paper) Thinking of you as the days roll by. (Or "Thanks for being my "roll" model.)
13. (postage stamps) Your recipes have my stamp of approval.
14. (jar of spices) You spice up our lives.
15. (eraser) I'm so glad you've rubbed off on me.
16. (Christmas tree-shaped Little Debbies) Talking with you is always a "treet".
17. (angel ornament) You're an angel.
18. (Life cereal) I thank God that you're in my Life.
19. (can of frosting) You're the icing on the cake.
20. (box of pudding) Thanks for all the times you "pud" me first. (Or "I appreciate that you never hesitated to "pud" me in my place".)
21. (pet rocks the kids made) You rock! (Or "Our friendship is as strong as a rock".)
22. (nickel) If I had a nickel for every time you came to my rescue, I'd be rich.
23. (pennies) Being your friend makes perfect "cents".
24. (Snickers) Your jokes make me snicker.
25. (candy canes) We're hooked on you.
26. (100 grand bar) Your love is worth more than $100,000.
27. (cheese balls) Every time we're with you we have a ball.
28. (nuts) We're nuts about you (or your cooking...)
29.(Hershey Hugs and Kisses) Closing this with hugs and kisses. 

Many of these things we already had in our school supply stash or in the kitchen. Each is individually wrapped with a note. We won't be able to do all of the ideas this year, but I'm definitely saving the list for a couple people I already bought gifts for, to use next year.

Have fun!


  1. Thank you for these. My family loves puns and wordplay and these gift ideas are just perfect!

  2. One year I bought whisks at the dollar store, filled them with Candy, wrapped them in red & green cellophane and put a note on them that read "We Whisk You A Merry Christmas". After dark we snuck around to neighbors mailboxes and put them in.