Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Countdown--17 Days until Christmas

Our story came from the Ukrainian/German traditions of the Christmas spider. In these traditions, the spiders leave beautiful webs on the Christmas tree that make it shine in beautiful silvers and golds. We followed up the story by singing "O Christmas Tree" and making pipe cleaner spiders to put into our own Christmas tree.

Our kitchen also became a huge spider web today. As a fun motivational treat, I had attached a note to the end of a string and weaved it over and under, around and through all sorts of places in our kitchen. The other end of the string was taped and labeled with one child's name. (Each child had a different string). When all of their schoolwork was completed, they were allowed to find their labeled string and unwind it until they found their message, granting them a special activity for quiet time.

For our devotion, we reviewed the messages of Comfort and the Good Shepherd from Isaiah 40:1-5 & 9-11. Our hymn was "Comfort, Comfort, Ye My People".

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