Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Countdown--Christmas Eve

We'll finish our countdown readings with Matthew 27:11-26 and John 19:16-20, 28-30 (Jesus before Pilate, crucifixion, death) and Luke 23:50 through 24:1-8 (burial and resurrection).

I'd like to find a chance today to have the kids make butterfly ornaments for the Christmas tree. It would be the perfect way to tie Christmas to Easter and a yearly reminder about the work Christ came to do.

Otherwise, as I posted on Christmas Eve Eve, we'll just enjoy each other today and I'll let them take the lead on what countdown activities they would still like to fit in. There's also church today so we will celebrate the glad tidings there as well.


  1. I just discovered your blog when you left a comment on mine. Way to have an anonymous blog so I have no idea if I know you in this small Lutheran world! I also taught at a Lutheran school before homeschooling.
    When I was in college we made butterfly ornaments for a tree-fold wrapping paper like a fan and tie with a pipe cleaner for antenna. Easy and if you use pretty wrapping paper it looks really nice too.
    I love some of your ideas in your Christmas Countdown too.

  2. I forgot to comment that I love your blog title!

  3. At this rate I should just blog about this instead of keep leaving comments on YOUR blog! When we were decorating our tree today I thought of you-we have some decorations that are eggs, but painted in Christmas colors (red and green). Those were also a college project when I made the butterflies.