Thursday, January 5, 2012

One reason I'm thankful that I get the chance to homeschool

I have to say that I sometimes enjoy the "thrill of the hunt" just as much as the kids. By this I mean that when we discover an interesting tidbit of history, for example, I'm just as excited and interested as them.

Sometimes these tidbits are just that--interesting tidbits. Today we learned that the mayor of London during the plague had all cats and dogs destroyed (thinking that these animals were spreading the disease). London rats, then, were able to multiply without their natural enemies and, whoops, they were carrying the fleas which actually caused the plague.

At other times we learn about things that make me stop and think more deeply about life. According to memoirs of the time, there was a Moghul emperor in India who used to weigh  himself or one of his sons yearly. (Some reports say that this was done on a "new year" holiday. Other reports say that it was done on a birthday.) An equal weight of gold, cloths, grains, or other goods would be distributed to the poor. That's an interesting idea! Would I do such a thing today?

Today I'm thankful for this opportunity to share moments of learning with my kids.

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