Friday, October 14, 2011

Love at First Listen--More Books on Tape

It's happened again! 

We put on a recording of Little House in the Big Woods and the kids are hooked.

I've written before about how we've used books on tape. This is another successful example. I can't say that ds8 or dd6 would have picked up these (long) books on their own. But now they're interested in the storyline and the lifestyle of this classic. It's provided for some really good discussion.

Another bonus is, of course, that there are another seven volumes of Little House books which they will likely pick up by choice in the months to come.

Some might wonder whether it's a good idea to let the tape do all the work. For us it's worked out pretty well. Once the kids get hooked they almost always pick up the books on their own. Sometimes they do it because they just can't wait to find out what happens next. (I suppose it helps that I'm well-known for stopping the tape "just at the good parts".) Other times they just like to re-read them.

I wonder if that could work for a Jane Austen classic...
Perhaps not quite yet.

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