Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Favorite Free "Academic" Websites-Reading


What: Read a book. Go to the website (which is created and maintained by Sylvan learning) and take a short comprehension quiz. Earn points based on your score. There are ready-made prizes. Parents/Teachers can also make their own "prize library" based on your favorite rewards and the number of points you would like your kids to earn. There is also a "team" option where your entire group can work together to reach a specific goal.

Who: This site is for kids in grades K-8.

Why I like it: It gives me a chance to do a quick "check" to see if the kids are comprehending the books they read.

Why the kids like it: Did I mention prizes? The kids love to work toward earning extra privileges and prizes that they have helped plan. We use our "prize library" more than the ready-made library from Sylvan, but a couple years ago my son did earn a pretty cool card game.

How long I have used it: I've used this site for more than three years. I started an account for each child as soon as they could read easy books on the list (Clifford, Mercer Mayer).

Drawbacks: I'd love to see a bigger list of books available.

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