Saturday, October 9, 2010

Celebrating 10/10/2010 Idea List 2 and Update

My second grader did several "10" activities today.
-Find the 10 errors in this story.
-Find the time in 10 minutes, 10 minutes ago, in 10 hours.
-Put these 10 words in alphabetical order: kitten, kite, kaput, krill, knuckle, knock, kindness, Korea, kangaroo, kumquat. I thought his mind was really working when he said to me, "Why didn't you give me words starting with the 10th letter of the alphabet?" He's always thinking!
-Answer these 10 history review questions.
-Match these 10 world countries with their capital cities.
-Make any combination of these notes (whole notes, half, quarter, eighth, rests) which equal 10 beats total.
-Compose an original song using only these 10 notes on the piano.

So far, this has been a fun diversion from our regular lessons. He's completing tasks which meet state standards, too!

Here are some other ideas we came up with, but haven't used yet:

-Read up to chapter 10 in our current read-aloud book.
-Find 10 books on your shelf written in the last 10 years.

-Find 10 abbreviations and 10 homophones in the newspaper.

-Add 10 adjectives to liven up the story you wrote last week.
-Journal topic: What would you like to be able to do by age 10?
-Journal topic: I wish I knew 10 _______... If I swallowed 10__________...

-Count the number of days until we can celebrate 11-11-2011!
-Write ten < > = number sentences.
-Count out 10+10+10 pennies. Make a graph to show how many were minted within the last 10 years and how many were minted before that time. Were there any surprising results?

-Name 10 countries in the northern hemisphere.
-Put these 10 events from the Middle Ages (our current history time) in chronological order.

-Find 10 constellations or heavenly bodies in the night sky. (We're currently studying space science.)
-Take a 10 minute nature hike.

-Take 10 minutes to do some outdoor photography. Look through the pictures and choose 10 you'd like to keep and print.

-Do something very special on 10-10-2010 at 10:00.

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