Monday, August 30, 2010

How We Structure Our Year

We currently live in a state that does not have a law regarding the number of days or hours that we homeschool.

Still, it seems helpful to me to know that we're not trying to fit in "too much" or doing "too little".

Every spring, I use a calendar to map out a 180 school-day calendar.

Last year I actually wrote down which days we would be doing school, knowing that it wasn't absolutely set in stone (family things come up, kids get sick...). We actually stuck to it pretty well, beginning August 1 and ending May 19. It was a good plan.

This year we're trying something a little different. I did short review (often fun review) sessions throughout the summer to keep the kids current on their skills. I counted these toward their new 180-day school year (so I guess this year we technically are doing school year-round). I wrote down only how many days per month we would be doing school. It works out to about 4 days per week.

Each year I also try to map out the materials we'll be using for each school subject as well as how many days per week we should be doing them.

Our subject areas this year include Reading, Writing, Grammar, Phonics, Vocabulary, Other Language Arts, Math, History, Science, Religion, Logic, Art, Music, Dance/Theater, PE, Computers/Keyboarding, Latin, Spanish, Life Skills/Character Education, Community-Based Learning, and Hobby/Interest Areas.

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