Sunday, July 3, 2016

Money 101:Talking to kids about money

This summer, the family has embarked on an adventure we're calling "Money 101".

Why "Money 101"?

  • We're talking about the "basics" of money: needs/wants, saving/spending, getting/keeping money, and lots more!
  • It sounds so official (though really, a lot of what we're doing is just chatting about something the kids LOVE to talk about anyway).
  • It's really about developing knowledge and skills regarding money that prepare us for life.    

So far, "Money 101" has provided some neat and practical discussion in our household.

I started out by asking what my 11-year old and 13-year old know about money. They shared things like: 
                             -Money is valuable
                             -It's important to know how much you have
                             -Don't spend too much/Don't waste it
                             -Government controls many things about money (what it looks like and how much it's worth)
I then asked about what they'd like to know more about regarding money. This will help guide where we go from here.

How do you get your kids thinking and talking about money? 

How often do you talk about it together? 

How do your kids feel about money?


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