Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Art Museum

We had the opportunity this week to take the kids to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. We wanted to see the exhibition of the Terra Cotta Warriors. We also wanted them to experience great art up close. It was a good experience. The warriors were so painstakingly crafted. It's also a thrill to be in the presence of very old history that we've learned about together. There was a large Egyptian wall piece which was even older than the warriors.

I haven't been to an art museum since college. I had forgotten how breathtaking it is to stand a few feet away from the works of the masters--to stand close enough to see the brush strokes and the fibers of the canvas. My son echoed this sentiment with regard to the amazing feeling of standing with a VanGogh or a Monet.

Unfortunately, the kids and I are still a little drained from being sick last week and our time frame to visit the museum was short. But all in all it was a great day!

Do you have an art museum within driving distance? When was the last time you visited?

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