Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Celebrating 11-11-11: Compiled List

As promised, here's our starter list of things to do with "elevens".

Ds8 decided that we could do 11 minutes of each subject. He also thought we could get 11 minutes of something extra-special. Maybe it could be electronic time, reading time at night, etc.

Other ideas:

-Can you use 11 coins to pay for these items in our pretend store?
-List 11 or more ways to make $11.11.
-Practice these 11 addition (or subtraction, multiplication, division) facts.
-How much money is in 11 pennies? What about 11 nickels, 11 dimes, 11 quarters, 11 half dollars, 11 ten-dollar bills, or 11 hundred-dollar bills?
-How many minutes are in 11 hours? How many seconds?

-Practice writing (print/cursive) these 11 letters.
-Use these 11 letters to come up with at least 11 different words. Use them to practice handwriting.

-In your journal, write about what you will be able to do when you're 11 that you can't do now. What won't you be able to do anymore that you can do now?
-Write a paragraph (topic, details, concluding sentences) about why I should give you 11 (fill in the blank).

-Use 11 spelling words this week.

-Put these 11 words into a vocabulary crossword puzzle using definitions as clues.
-Look up the definitions of these 11 words. 

-Find 11 nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, these sentences.
-Put these 11 words into alphabetical order.
-Make complete sentences with 11 words.

-Locate these 11 world capitals on the wall map.
-Find out what locations are within 11 miles of your home.

-Find out who was president 11 years ago. Ask someone to tell you what they remember about that person's presidency.

-Use Finale Notepad to make an original song using these 11 notes (the notes can be repeated more than once).

-Locate these 11 books at the library using their letter/number codes.

-Do an 11 minute walk/jog.
-Do sets of 11 jumping jacks, windmills, toe touches, etc.

-Count to 11 in the language you're studying. 
-Count to 11 in 11 different languages.

-Bake 11 (pretzels...) or make pancakes with 11 chocolate chips each. How many chips will we need for 2 pancakes each and 5 people?
-Estimate and check: how many M&Ms in 11 grams?

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