Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When do the kids listen to audiobooks?

In answer to The Mama's question I thought I'd give some idea of how we've used audiobooks.

We've done audiobooks at various times including:

-in the car while traveling (if it's a book everyone in the family will enjoy).
-during afternoon quiet time, each in his own room.
-during lunch sometimes.
-during the summer months when bedtimes are later each might read in their own rooms or listen to a book on tape before lights-out.

One thing I've noticed is that the kids are very willing to listen to something on tape or CD that is above their level, something they would not otherwise have taken off the shelf. It's happened with both of my children that they've enjoyed certain books this way. Often they return later to these books and they become some of their favorites. As a side note, ds8 has spent many hours reviewing history by listening to Story of the World on CD.


  1. I tried to comment several times in the last week and Blogger wouldn't let me. I finally got to comment today!

  2. I really appreciate you putting this together- such good ideas!