Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Countdown-26 Days until Christmas

Today's book was "Christmas in the Big Woods" a "My First Little House Book". We talked a little bit about the simple traditions of yesteryear holidays. We pointed out similarities and differences between ourselves and Laura's family: the presents Laura got and the things she did for fun. In the book Ma makes pancake people for Christmas and we made pancake people for our lunch as well.

The Bible verses today were from Genesis 2:4-25--the creation of man and woman. "Of the Father's Love Begotten" is a Christmas hymn that fit well with the text. The children also had a chance to request a Christmas song.

For a messy project we made string Christmas snowballs. I thought they could remind us of the creation story since they're shaped like the globe. Note: The balls dried beautifully and I'd like to do the project again sometime BUT I would definitely add the glitter BEFORE popping the balloon. We followed the directions and popped the balloon, then painted the balls again with glue, then added glitter. The balls started to change shape (being wet from the second round of glue) and one of them even completely flattened and had to be redone.

I also made logic puzzles for the kids with holiday words. I think this type of puzzle is called chain letters. The letters must be linked in the correct order, and you may not cross over any other letters. Both the 5 year old and 7 year olds like these. Here is an example with the answer "candle". The puzzles can be made with 10 letter-words as well, adding a line of four circles under the line of three. The six-letter words I used to make their puzzles: Joseph, angels, lights, advent, candle, wreath, sleigh, and manger. My seven year-old realized that in his puzzle "manger" could also be "german". Leave it to him to find something new.

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